The Location

You can visit Vlihadia using the Municipality Bus Service, a car or a bike. Follow the road to Saint Savvas Monastery.
Do not turn to the right at the crossroad but keep driving straight.
In about 500 metres will see the first village named Vothinoi.
Pass through this village, keep driving and follow the road to Vlihadia. Just turn left at the first crossroad and meet the apartments.

The traditional look of the place, the hospitable locals and the the variety of activities will excite your sences.
You can swim and rest under the greek sun in the beautifull beaches, sail or just can enjoy your vacation with your friends as you like.

There is a view of the Vlihadia cove from our apartments.
The village is amphitheatrical builded, according to the rules of a typical greek island. The beach is only 10 meters away from our studios.

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Area of Vlihadia

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Area of Vlihadia 36.932094, 26.964447

Valsamidis Sea Findings Museum

At Vlihadia, at this aegean coast with the provoking beautiful buttom of the sea, Valsamidis Stavros set up his own museum (in private area) where expose his rare collection consisted of sea findings.
The "Museum of sea findings Valsamidi" is one of the richest private collections in Greece. They needed over forty (40) years to collect these findings. Their everyday upkeep all these years gave them the right to be exposed today for the purpose of the promotion and the develpment of our island, Kalymnos.

The touring begins with a demonstration of spongs elaboration and it continues with the visit in the inside area which leaves you speachless. There are windows of all the kinds of sponges, shells couches and corals that we do not meet very often in Greece. "He has the most wonderfull works of art, made from the greatest and most perfect artists. The mother nature and God", he say with proud ! ! !

It's also very impressive a whole wreck ancient drapery ship, full of amphoras and other objects, that they brought himself in the view of light from the bottom of the sea.
In a special position are exposed objects from the mysterious sanked city of Τelendos and amphoras from different ages.
One sea turtle "Kareta-Kareta" is giving birth to its eggs. Stuffed sharks, swordfishes, skates (many kinds), unsuall kinds of starfishes and other sea objects are some of the exhibits that you will see among others.

Kos has Ippokratis and Rhodos the Knights castle. Kalymnos neverheless has the nautical tradition, sea and the bottom of the sea. A wonderfull bottom that noone has ever imagine, if he hasn't dive first at him. At Vlihadia there is also a diving centre. For those who want to the semetary of the sponge boats in the bottom of the sea with a special ship or from land.