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Kalymnos combines a lot of activities for all the seasons of the year.
I dear you to explore the clean turquoise waters around the island and the sea fauna. If you are fun of scuba diving, Kalymnos will fascinate you, as the island has the longest coastline in Greece. Experience the absolute discovery with Kalymnos!

Make a pilgrimage into the most hidden parts of the island and enjoy the unique beauty of the landscape, the blue sky and the immensity of  the  dark blue sea.

Live  unforgettable moments when climbing surrounded by a dived in silence and imposing environment. Kalymnos puts at your disposal over 850 exceptional quality rock climbing excursions and it constitutes one from the famous destinations worldwide.

Except other activities, we can organize mini excursions with our boat, visiting the famous Kefala cave and other notable destinations around Vlihadia
So you can have fun with all our guests, offering the opportunity to meet each other.